Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Consultancy

I have now retired from active consultancy. I am, however, still prepared to provide informal consultancy services on a case by case basis. Therefore, this web site still contains extensive information about my consultancy.

In order to make my published research accessible to the public, I am in the process of uploading my significant publications or their drafts and providing links any existing open-access documents.

My interests in science and philosophy continue and my book 'The Origins of Self' has been published. This book uses dialogues to reveal the need for Darwin's Theory of Evolution to include the presence of animal minds acting as conscious agents. This agency is required if natural selection is to explain the evolution of consciousness. The dialogue continues by exploring emergent evolution and the origins of self in terms A. N. Whitehead's process philosophy. This is available as an open access book downloadable from or as a printed copy from Amazon.

About my consultancy:

When research discovers a biotechnology, pharmaceutical or a biological product that is not part of your core operations you may not have the in house expertise to assess its true value, or the knowledge to develop it into a product. Through my biotechnology pharmaceutical and business development consultancy, I have helped research institutes, universities, start-up companies, investors and multinationals across Europe to realise the commercial value of biotechnology and pharmaceutical products. I can help you to make technical progress, make decisions on patenting, to find out-licensing or business partners, or to develop business plans for a spinout company. When required, I can also use my extensive network to provide a team of consultants find a consultancy or CROs with the expertise required to achieve your business goals.

Clients for my biotechnology consultancy are bio-industry organisations involved in the discovery, development and manufacture of products for the pharmaceutical, agriculture, biotechnology and bioproducts markets. I can help you to solve technical problems, to find funding for your business and to find markets for your products.


Established in 1996, my biotechnology and pharmaceutical consultancy has assisted more than 40 pharmaceutical and other bio-businesses with over 60 projects. I offer the services of an honest and independent consultant bringing over 30 years of bio-industry, pharma business and biotechnology experience to your business.


My technical expertise is in:


A biotechnology and pharmaceutical consultancy helping you to discover, develop and manufacture novel bioactive and bio-products. A business development consultancy helping you find markets and customers in the biotech, pharma, agriculture, materials and energy sectors for your products and technologies.

Dr Steve Brewer
Biologicals and Cells Biotechnology and bioprocess Pharmaceutical proteins and enzymes
Bioproducts Technology Consultant

Stephen J. Brewer, B.Sc. Ph.D.

Independent biotech consultant - over 30 years’ bio-industry experience brought to your business’
Special Publication: Damaged and Soiled Refrigerator Seals (Gaskets) from Commercial Food Premises: A Potential Reservoir for Food Pathogens